Bardon Polo Team Bounce Back with Victory in Duke of Sutherland Cup

After an opening round loss, Bardon Polo Team captured their first victory of the 2021 Duke of Sutherland Cup by missing just one shot from the field to defeat Murus Sanctus 7-4.

With few fouls called, the result was determined in open play where Murus Sanctus produced more opportunities at goal but shot just 2 for 12 while Bardon Polo Team shot 88% on eight shot attempts. The duo of Poroto Cambiaso and Isidro Strada were effective throughout the game for Bardon, but the difference in the game came on the defensive end. Murus Sanctus was held scoreless for three consecutive chukkas, leaving little chance of a comeback against a Bardon Polo Team that scored in each of the five chukkas. Despite the efforts of two penalty conversions from Malcolm Borwick and two field goals from 10-goaler Juan Martin Nero, Murus Sanctus were unable to keep pace with Bardon Polo Team in the 7-4 defeat.