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It is a great privilege for me to take on the chairmanship of the polo club I love so much here at Cowdray Park. Some of my most treasured memories are from warm summer days playing or watching this wonderful sport at Ambersham and Lawns. We were delighted with the success of Cowdray Polo TV in 2020. Of course it was a year like no other, and TV was the only way many of us could engage with the sport. We are very optimistic about 2021 being a much more normal polo season, and welcoming spectators to the hallowed grounds of Cowdray, in person. Meanwhile I’m delighted to tell you that we’ve made a whole lot of improvements to our TV offering, with improved content and better camera angles. What’s more we have even reduced the subscription cost to members and we are excited about continuing to drive more improvements each year.

On behalf of the club, I’d like to thank you for subscribing to Cowdray Polo TV and I look forward to meeting you throughout the season.

Andrew Swaffield,

Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club

29 Jun Tue 12:00 PM Emlor vs Vikings
Group B/C

29 Jun Tue 3:00 PM BP Polo vs Talandracas
League A

30 Jun Wed 1:00 PM Great Oaks LL vs Monterosso
League A

01 Jul Thu 12:00 PM Park Place vs Murus Sanctus
Group B/C

01 Jul Thu 3:00 PM Scone vs Thai Polo NP
Group B/C

02 Jul Fri 12:00 PM UAE Polo Pod vs King Power
Group B/C – The Aston Silver Cup

03 Jul Sat 12:00 PM Monterosso vs BP Polo
League A – The Cooch Behar Cup03 Jul Sat 3:00 PM

UAE Polo Team vs Talandracas
League A
04 Jul Sun 12:00 PM Vikings vs Murus Sanctus
Group B/C

04 Jul Sun 3:00 PM Scone vs Park Place
Group B/C – The Midhurst Town Cup

05 Jul Mon 12:00 PM Thai Polo NP vs King Power
Group B/C

05 Jul Mon 3:00 PM UAE Polo Pod vs Emlor
Group B/C

06 Jul Tue 12:00 PM Great Oaks LL vs Talandracas
League A

06 Jul Tue 3:00 PM UAE Polo Team vs BP Polo

08 Jul Thu 12:00 PM Thai Polo NP vs Emlor
Group B/C

08 Jul Thu 3:00 PM Park Place vs King Power
Group B/C

09 Jul Fri 12:00 PM UAE Polo Pod vs Murus Sanctus
Group B/C

09 Jul Fri 3:00 PM Vikings vs Scone
Group B/C

10 Jul Sat 3:00 PM Monterosso vs Talandracas
League A – The Centenary Cup

11 Jul Sun 3:00 PM UAE Polo Team vs Great Oaks LL
League A – The Argentine Ambassador’s Cup

12 Jul Mon UAE Polo Pod vs Scone
Group B/C

12 Jul Mon Thai Polo NP vs Murus Sanctus
Group B/C

13 Jul Tue Vikings vs King Power
Group B/C

13 Jul Tue Park Place vs Emlor
Group B/C

14 Jul Wed BP Polo vs Great Oaks LL
League A

14 Jul Wed UAE Polo Team vs Monterosso
League A

17 Jul Sat 12:00 PM
Quarter-Final Match 1
Great Oaks LL v Murus Sanctus 

17 Jul Sat 3:00 PM
Quarter-Final Match 2
Park Place v UAE Polo Team

18 Jul Sun 12:00 PM
Quarter-Final Match 3
Thai Polo NP v King Power

18 Jul Sun 3:00 PM
Quarter-Final Match 4 – Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Trophy
Scone v Monterosso

21 Jul Wed 12:00 PM
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 4
Semi-Final Match 5 – Tramontana Cup

21 Jul Wed 4:00 PM
Winner Match 2 v Winner Match 3
Semi-Final Match 6 – Ellerston Cup

Gold Cup Final
25 Jul Sun 3:00 PM Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6

Thai Polo NP

1. Louis Hine 2
2. Ned Hine 4
3. Nico Pieres 9
4. James Harper 7



1. David Paradice 0
2. Adolfo Cambiaso Jnr 6
3. Isidro Strada 6
4. Adolfo Cambiaso 10

Park Place

1. Andrey Borodin 0
2. Juan Britos 8
3. Facundo Pieres 10
4. Will Harper 4


1. Alessandro Bazzoni 1
2. Mackenzie Weisz 4
3. Ignacio Toccalino 8
4. David Stirling 9


Les Lions/Great Oaks

1. Guillermoo Terrera 7
2. Dillon Bacon 2
3. Bartolome Castagnola 9
4. Cruz Heguy 4

King Power

1. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha 1
2. Hugo Lewis 3
3. Hilario Ulloa 10
4. Francisco Elizalde 8

BP Polo

1. James Beh 1
2. Joevy Beh 3
3. Alejandro Muzzio 8
4. Juan Martin Nero 10


1. Camilo Castagnola 8
2. Edouard Carmignac 0
3. Diego Cavanagh 8
4. Marcos Araya 6

Monterosso Vikings

1. TBA 0
2. Chris Mackenzie 6
3. Sebastian Merlos 8
4. Juan Martin Zubia 8

Murus Sanctus

1. Corinne Ricard 0
2. Matt Perry 5
3. Guillermo (Sapo) Caset 9
4. Facundo Sola 8

UAE Polo Team

1. H.H. Sheikha Maitha 0
2. Tomas Penelo 6
3. Pablo Pieres 9
4. Tomas Beresford 7

UAE Polo Pod

1. Lucas Jr Monteverde 5
2. Sam Browne 1
3. Jack Richardson 7
4. Alfredo Cappella 9


1. Spencer McCarthy 1
2. Alfredo Bigatti 8
3. Agustin Merlos 7
4. Max Charlton 6

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