Monterosso Captures Second Victory in Gold Cup for the British Open Championship

Beginning the second round of play in the Gold Cup for the British Open Championship, Monterosso improved to 2-0 after defeating a depleted BP Polo team 13-10 on the Brooks field at Cowdray Park Polo Club.

Leading from start to finish, Monterosso took advantage of nearly every opportunity in open play, shooting an astounding 75% on 16 shot attempts to leave BP Polo with little chance of matching the performance. Receiving at least two goals from all four players, Monterosso produced an organized passing attack that resulted in eight assists on 12 field goals, while BP Polo were without their 10-goaler Juan Martin Nero, who was out with an injury after a collision in his first match. Nico Pieres filled in admirably but the proficient attack of Montersso proved to be the difference in the 13-10 win. 

The opening chukka belonged to Monterosso as they capitalized on all three shot attempts at goal, led by two goals from Ignacio Toccalino and one from David Stirling. BP Polo struggled to complete contested runs to goal, while Monterosso were able to run in behind the BP Polo defense to build their lead. Trading goals in the second chukka, Nico Pieres got BP Polo on the scoreboard but was met by responses from Toccalino and Alessandro Bazzoni, leaving Monterosso ahead by three. Trying to fight their way back into the game, BP Polo shot at goal seven times in the third chukka but converted just one, as Monterosso extended their lead on accurate shooting to finish halftime leading 7-3.

At the beginning of the second half, father-son duo of James and Joevy Beh looked to bring BP Polo back into the game, contributing a goal each in the fourth chukka, but Monterosso continued to convert with a high accuracy, matching each goal that BP Polo put on the scoreboard. The fifth chukka ultimately sealed BP Polo’s fate as Toccalino added two goals, while Bazzoni scored his third goal of the match as part of Monterosso’s relentless attack. Richard Blake Thomas entered the game in place of Joevy Beh for the final chukka, but the six-goal difference on the scoreboard was too much for BP Polo to overcome, despite their best efforts in scoring four goals. Monterosso completed the 13-10 victory to remain undefeated in the tournament.