Murus Sanctus Captures Final Minute Victory Over Hurlingham 1875 (Henbury Polo/Noon Giraffe)

A thrilling game in the 2021 Duke of Sutherland Cup between Murus Sanctus and Hurlingham 1875 (Henbury Polo/Noon Giraffe) came down to the final minute with Santos Merlos jumping on a loose ball to score the game-winning goal and secure the 10-9.5 victory for Murus Sanctus.

A complete team effort from Murus Sanctus featured a well-rounded attack that was led by five goals from Santos Merlos and two from Corinne Ricard, but Hurlingham 1875 matched them stride for stride in the evenly matched game. Hurlingham 1875 (Henbury Polo/Noon Giraffe) utilized the pass effectively with Julian de Lusarreta producing three assists, while Charlie Hanbury drove forward at the front of the game to score five goals. Little separated the two teams, but foul trouble for Hurlingham 1875 (Henbury Polo/Noon Giraffe) resulted in one extra penalty conversion from Malcolm Borwick that proved to be the difference in the 10-9.5 victory for Murus Sanctus.