Scone Scores 18 Goals in Resounding Victory Over Vikings

In one of the best performances of the Gold Cup for the British Open Championship, Scone scored a tournament best 18 goals to defeat Vikings 18-10 on the Lawns Ground at Cowdray Park Polo Club. 

Producing an unrelenting attack that shot an impressive 76% on 17 shot attempts, Scone proved to be an unstoppable force with the father-son duo of Adolfo and Poroto Cambiaso leading the way. Combining for 11 goals and 7 assists, the Cambiaso’s left Vikings with few opportunities to produce a counterattack to keep pace with the electric offense of Scone. Converting 9 of their 11 shots in the first half, Scone built a large lead that they were able to confidently maintain throughout the second half, holding Vikings to just nine shots in the convincing 18-10 win. 

Beginning the game trailing 1-0 on handicap, Scone quickly erased the difference after Poroto found Adolfo Cambiaso to open the scoring. The first chukka displayed a dominant Scone performance, converting both shots from the field while also adding two penalty conversions to race out to a 4-1 advantage. Poroto Cambiaso’s second goal ended a run of five straight Scone goals to begin the game, as Vikings finally found the goal with two penalty conversions from Juan Martin Zubia. However, it provided a brief reprieve from the Scone offense as they continued to charge downfield to score six of the final seven goals in the half. Perfect 4 for 4 shooting in the third chukka highlighted the father-son connection as they executed the two-man game perfectly to enter halftime with a commanding seven-goal lead. 

With the game under full control, Scone let up the pressure in the fourth chukka which gave Vikings the opening they were looking for. Three goals from Zubia as part of a 4-0 chukka in favour of Scone instantly changed the momentum of the game as Vikings trailed by just three with two chukkas remaining and leaving the outcome in doubt for Scone. Refocusing, the Scone defense held Vikings to just one penalty goal in the fifth while Isidro Strada drove forward to be on the receiving end of passes from Poroto Cambiaso to push the lead back up to five. Not making the mistake of letting up a second time, Scone’s Strada added three penalty goals in the sixth chukka to secure the impressive 18-10 victory.