Thai Polo NP Improve to 2-1 with Victory over Emlor

An important third round game between Emlor and Thai Polo NP in the Gold Cup for the British Open Championship featured fast-paced polo with few fouls on the Ambersham grounds at Cowdray Park Polo Club. Maintaining their lead from a quick start, Thai Polo NP captured the 9-7 victory for their second win of the tournament. 

Combining for 46 shots in the game, Emlor and Thai Polo NP both had their opportunities around goal in the game, with Thai Polo NP holding the possession advantage. However, Emlor’s efficiency allowed them to match Thai Polo NP from the field, receiving at least two goals from each of Max Charlton, Spencer McCarthy and Alfredo Bigatti. Despite the numerous chances, the game was ultimately decided on the penalty line where Thai Polo NP’s converted all three Penalty 2 attempts while Emlor were unable to convert any of their four attempts, all coming from 60 yards in the two-goal defeat. 

Determined to find their way back into the win column, Thai Polo NP wasted little time in taking a 3-0 lead, displaying a balanced attack that resulted in goals from Louis Hine, James Harper and Nico Pieres. After being held without a goal in the opening chukka, Emlor stormed back with a three-goal chukka of their own, led by the play of Spencer McCarthy, who continues to provide a consistent source of offense for Emlor in the #1 position. Presented with multiple chances to take the lead, four missed penalty attempts for Emlor in the first half left them trailing by two after Thai Polo NP completed the first half ahead 6-4 on goals from Hine and Pieres.

Eager to build a larger lead, Thai Polo NP fired shots at goal relentlessly, accumulating 13 shots in the fourth and fifth chukka alone, but converted just one of those attempts, leaving Emlor within reach. However, the constant offense of Thai Polo NP kept Emlor pinned in their own half, unable to mount a comeback and produce enough scoring chances to close the two-goal gap at the end of the fifth chukka. The inaccuracy of Thai Polo NP became a factor as Emlor finally pulled even, receiving back-to-back goals from Charlton and Bigatti to open the sixth chukka, tying the score at 7-all. Picking up the ball at midfield, Pieres fought a bouncing ball all the way to goal but put Thai Polo NP ahead by one with just 90 seconds remaining. Another run to goal awarded Pieres a penalty as he stepped up and sealed the 9-7 victory for Thai Polo NP.